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Assignment: 6 things to do this break to prevent burn-out

What's your restoration plan? I mean, despite the holidays and travel and grading and planning and presents and stress, how do you plan to be ready to return in January to school rested and restored and ready-to-rock? Well, I have an assignment for you. I gave a similar one to my students, with only slightly different rationales. 1) Go for a walk. Outside. The weather may be cold and wet, but exercise, fresh air, and natural light are good for you , preventing brooding. If you're like me, and work in the Northern Hemisphere, there's a good chance that you've been going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark only to balance grading, family, and holiday preparation. Your mental health and circadian rhythm will thank you for taking a walk outside in a natural setting. I've got such a kick out of walking in the morning this week -- in daylight nonetheless! 2) Express gratitude. Sure, if you express gratitude to others, their day will be better, hol