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Books and movies to use with children when thinking about positive psychology

Books matter. I know you know this. But as adults, we have an opportunity to put books in kids' hands that change their minds about themselves, their minds, their emotions, and their futures. The stories inside our head shape our reality, and the stories we read help shape those stories. As the research of  positive psychologists Martin Seligman , Barbara Fredrickson , Carol Dweck , Edward Deci, and Richard Ryan illustrate, how we think about the events of our lives affect stress levels, feelings of control and competency, and positive feelings about ourselves and others. The story we tell ourselves matter. We can fill kids with stories about understanding and accepting emotions and finding new strategies when faced with obstacles. I would love to hear more suggestions as well. Please comment below with other children’s media that help use the big ideas of positive psychology with K-12. Talking about, naming, accepting, and discussing strategies for dealing with  e